Yamazaki Tailor's Shears 240mm

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The Yamazaki Tailor's Shear 240mm , 100% Made in Seki JAPAN

Product information 

Finally a company has gone all out in designing a Tailors / Dressmaking / Upholstery shear of the highest quality and of the most precise engineering precision. This is the tool for the craftsman who desires the very best made to last a lifetime. Tailor's Shears made to cut without any push on the most slippery of fabrics. Dressmakers Shears that cut accurately and smoothly. Upholstery Shears that are a masterpiece of engineering but tough as they come. Perfectly balanced, perfectly finished, made with no compromise. Read on for the specs.

Construction: Two piece. Triple forged Takefu VG10 Cobalt alloy blades. Rockwell hardness 60 to 62. Computer controlled, vacuum furnace hardening with nitrogen injection sub- zero slow recovery tempering (performed twice). Corrosion resistant handles. Traditional type bolt, nut and washers adjustment assembly. 

Design features:   Straight spine rear blade, perfectly finished and polished tips are slightly rounded and can be made pointy if desired. These shearrs are suitable for Tailors, Dressmakers, Seamtresses, Garmet workers, Upholsterers and any other profession that requires this type of shears. Professional quality. Three times the average edge retention of standard stainless steel Tailor's shears and many more sharpens.

Edge type:  Yamazaki Tailor's shears have a soft cutting feel. Fine hand finished edges featuring convex blade technology. Micro bevel at 45 degrees.

Warranty: Lifetime quality workmanship guarantee. Lifetime free parts replacement.  Designed to sharpen up to 20 times -  ISO-3166JP21 CERTIFIED 100% rating "Made in Seki, JAPAN"