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Lifetime guarantee - Sharpline uses high quality parts and all our scissors are guaranteed free of faulty workmanship for life. Sharpline guarantees to replace all worn parts free of charge for life during normal servicing. Sharpline guarantees a minimum of 5 factory quality services available for all our scissors (some of our scissors can be serviced up to twenty times under the right conditions) All Sharpline distributors have access to factory quality servicing, not only for our brands but for all quality hairdressing scissors.

Lifetime corrosion free guarantee - Stellas models only. Sharpline manufactures a range of Cobalt based alloy scissors under the name of Stellas. These scissors are designed for high corrosion resistance as well as high wear resistance. Sharpline guarantees all Stellas models free of blade corrosion for life under normal hairdressing conditions.

Conditions - Guarantees for Sharpline brand scissors are subject to servicing by Sharpline authorised service agents only. Any Sharpline Scissors serviced by an unauthorised company is immediately void of all guarantees. Scissors that have been poorly maintained, miss-used or over worn before servicing may also void their guarantees. The Bladesmith's decision on all such matters is final.