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STELLAS - Fushu Professional Hairdressing Scissor

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* Hard working Barber scissor

* Suitable for extention and wig work

* 100% made is Seki, Japan

* made to last FOREVER

* NEVER Rusts

* Extra wide thumb hole


History:Invented by Adrian Schlemmer, Stellas stands for “stellite alloy scissor”. Stellas scissors were developed and originally manufactured in Australia by   Sharpline in 1994. They were the first true quality Australian made hairdressing scissor. In 2002 manufacturing was moved to Seki city Japan utilizing the same blade materials and parts as the Australian scissors with a whole new range of updated designs. Top 10 best haircutting shear

Construction:Two piece welded. Cobalt based alloy Stellite blades with our unique heat treatment process. Corrosion resistant stainless handles. Titanium nitride adjustment assembly.

Design features:Stellite scissors are designed primarily for heavy duty dry cutting, heavy duty slide cutting and for corrosion resistance. Stellas scissors can stay sharp 5 times as long as standard scissors under the same conditions so are ideal for dry cutters.  Salons who do a lot of treatments before cutting (especially acid based treatments) and/or cut with product in the hair have problems with corrosion and edges degrading quickly from the chemicals when using standard scissors. Stellas scissors will never corrode and are again ideal for this style of cutting.The extra grip from the Stellite blades are fantastic for precision cutting and block shapes.

Edge type:Stellas scissors have a medium cutting feel. The heavy duty blade construction and the Stellite material will not give you the super soft feel of other Sharpline models. These scissors are made as power scissors.

Warranty:Lifetime corrosion free guarantee. Lifetime quality workmanship    guarantee. Lifetime free parts replacement. Designed to sharpen up to 20 times. ISO-3166JP21 CERTIFIED 100% rating "Made in Japan"