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Post to

 EdgeWorks,  P.O. Box 552, Smythdale Victoria 3351 Australia ,  p:0416016487


Sharpline mail in servicing and warranty sharpening is done by Karl Schlemmer of Edgeworks. We will only sharpen and service high quality brands such as those shown on this website. If you are unsure if your scissor can be serviced, please call and ask first p: 0416016487 or simply send a text with a photo from your phone. Most cheaper scissors made in Pakistan and China are riddled with poor quality workmanship and what would be considered defects in better scissors, they are made to be disposable. Please note, if your scissor is unservicable and arrives for service with a paid voucher a refund will be given  less $15 for packing and mail back by Express Post.

Serrated Edges

Please make a note with your scissors if you require serrated edges. There is no extra charge for this service and all brands are ok.

Laser Sharpening

Laser sharpening is available for all scissors with Microslit (tm) , Laserslit (tm) and LaserCut (tm) edges at no extra charge. We will only laser sharpen scissors from these ranges, we have no interest in laser sharpening other brands, sorry.


Here's what you do.

Buy this voucher online. Print out a copy of your online receipt and pack it in with your scissors. If you can not print a copy of your receipt then pop in a note with your name and details so we can check on our system if you have paid for a voucher.

Securely wrap and package your scissor. Use your scissor case or box if it is sturdy and wrap with bubble wrap. Dont forget to also pack in your details and your phone number! Mail them via Registered Post or Express Post to

EdgeWorks,  P.O. Box 552, Smythdale Victoria 3351 Australia ,  p:0416016487

Servicing turnaround is 4 to 6 DAYS from receipt depending on your address. We will ship back to you via Express Post.

For all other Sharpening inquiries, Regional and International, go here