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Product information Royal Crane scissors

Construction:Two piece welded. Hitachi 440CM high Molybdenum alloy stainless steel blades. Please note we only used hot and cold rolled bright grade, sheet 440CM alloy which has the densest grain structure and the lowest level of impurities.   Computer controlled, vacuum furnace hardening with nitrogen injection sub-zero slow recovery tempering (performed twice). This heat treatment is the best available and ensures our finished scissors have a high corrosion resistance and a uniform hardness without being brittle. Rockwell hardness 59 to 61. Corrosion resistant handles. Japanese click plate knob type adjustment assembly. 

Design features: Royal scissors are designed to be versatile and perform all current hairdresser’s techniques very well. The flat and thin blade profile and fine finished edges are designed for the softest cutting feel. Edge retention is up to twice as long than standard stainless steel scissors. The Royal Crane scissors have larger finger holes, are light weight and the comfortable designs are made for western hairdressers. 

Edge type: Roya Crane scissors have a soft cutting feel. Slide cutting is easy and effortless. Precision cutting and point cutting is superb.

Warranty: Lifetime quality workmanship and materials guarantee. Lifetime free parts replacement. Designed to sharpen up to 15 times