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Quantum BITCHU Nanocarbide Hair Shear

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The Quantum BITCHU is available in many sizes (see also Quantum Lefty)




* Nanocarbide(tm) Titanium Powder steel


* 100% Made in Seki Japan


* made to last a lifetime


* Super sharp, Super smooth


* Most popular design



Product information Quantum range scissors

History: In 1997 Sharpline’s research and development was working hard to find the best quality materials and technology in the world to adapt to hairdressing scissors. In Japan, many of the very best scissors are not made from Japanese stainless steel at all. It is well known in the industry that America and Sweden made superior grades of stainless steel for all sorts of high tech applications. The finest and most expensive of all is the TVM NanoCarbide (tm) powder alloy invented and developed in Sweden. Sharpline was the first company in the world to utilize this superb alloy for hairdressing scissors. In 2003 Sharpline introduced the Quantum scissor representing a quantum leap forward in cutting performance. Now made in Seki city Japan, the Quantum has a reputation second to none. Top 10 best hair cutting scissor

Construction: Two piece welded. TVM NanoCarbide (tm) powder alloy blades. Rockwell hardness 64 to 66. Computer controlled, vacuum furnace hardening with nitrogen injection sub- zero slow recovery tempering (performed twice). Corrosion resistant handles. Integrated click type in-built bearing adjustment assembly. No expense spared to produce the highest quality.

Design features:  Quantum scissors are suitable for hairdressers who do up to 50% dry cutting. 3 times the average edge retention of standard stainless steel hairdressing scissors and many more sharpens.

Edge type: Quantum scissors have a soft cutting feel. Fine hand finished edges especially suitable for slide cutting and point cutting. Delicate scissors, not suitable for heavy sections. Suitable for dry cutting up to 50%

Warranty: Lifetime quality workmanship guarantee. Lifetime free parts replacement.  Designed to sharpen up to 20 times -  ISO-3166JP21 CERTIFIED 100% rating "Made in Japan"