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Philip BARWICK 3D Swivel Microslit(tm)

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The Philip BARWICK 3D Swivel Microslit(tm)  Available in size 5" , 5.5" , 5.8" , 6.3" 15 tooth chunky, 25 tooth and 30 tooth thinning

Product information 

Philip Barwick is a multi award winning leader, educator, platform artist and haircutter of enormous talent. In collaboration with Sharpline, Philip has designed his own models featuring elements he loves about the best hair cutting tools in the world today. 

Construction: Two piece. Triple forged powder alloy blades. Rockwell hardness 60 to 62. Computer controlled, vacuum furnace hardening with nitrogen injection sub- zero slow recovery tempering (performed twice). Corrosion resistant handles. Integrated click type in-built adjustment assembly. 

Design features:  Sculptered and lightened, 3d spin multi directional handle. These scissors are suitable for barbering, point cutting, wet and dry slide cutting, and for hairdressers who do up to 50% dry cutting. 2 times the average edge retention of standard stainless steel hairdressing scissors and many more sharpens.

Edge type:  MicroSlit(tm) scissors have a soft cutting feel. Fine hand finished edges featuring MicroSlit (tm) laser sharpening blade technology. Delicate scissors, not suitable for heavy sections. Suitable for dry cutting up to 50%

Warranty: Lifetime quality workmanship guarantee. Lifetime free parts replacement.  Designed to sharpen up to 15 times -  ISO-3166JP21 CERTIFIED 100% rating "Made in Seki, Japan"