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GM -  ORFEU SERIES 20 Tooth Light Thinning shear



100% Made in Kamagaya JAPAN

Cobalt Special Alloy Stainless

Radial tooth blade profile  

Unique Handle Design


Construction: Two piece welded. Cobalt Molybdenum Special stainless steel alloy. Blades made from hot and cold rolled sheet which has the densest grain structure and the lowest level of impurities. Computer controlled, vacuum furnace hardening with nitrogen injection sub-zero slow recovery tempering (performed twice). This heat treatment is the best available and ensures a high corrosion resistance and a uniform hardness without being brittle. Rockwell hardness 59 to 61. Corrosion resistant handles. Rear Click adjustment assembly.

Design features: ORFEU 20 Tooth Thinning scissors are designed with a focus on light finessing texture cutting. The extra COBALT added to the blade alloy also makes them suitable for dry cutting up to 50%. The Radial Tooth blade profile and Convex finished edges are very suitable for hairdressers who use their thinning scissors  to take out light weight and texture cut fine hair. Edge retention is up to 3 longer than standard stainless steel scissors. The ORFEU handle design is beautiful, stylish and ergonomic. Designed to fit small to medium size hands (smaller with insert rings).  

Edge type: ORFEU 20 Tooth Thinning scissors have a super sharp, soft cutting feel. Suitable for all texture techniques with a focus on using your thinning scissor for slide cutting and point cutting. Light hair removal about 15%

Warranty: Lifetime quality workmanship and materials guarantee. Lifetime free parts replacement. Designed to sharpen up to 15 times. Guaranteed 100% rating "Made in JAPAN"