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FIRST STAR - Hairdresser and Barber Thinner

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Two piece hand made, apprentice scissor or spare cutting scissor for seniors. Popular offset handle.
Cutting Feel:
Medium to Soft

Product information First Star range scissors , Thinner 30 tooth



* Best selling thinning shear

* 35% hair removal

*  made to last and value prices

*  Flip over design

*  Barbers top choice


History:  In 2001 Sharpline decided to introduce a new range of hairdressing scissors for seniors and apprentices on a budget. The challenge was to reduce the buying cost while maintaining the Sharpline quality standards. These days many famous Japanese brands are having some of their models partially made by factories outside of Japan. Sharpline was introduced to one such factory in Taiwan that had been taught to make scissors by the famous Fuji scissor factory. In fact this particular factory was exporting all their scissors to Japan as OEM brands. Sharpline developed the First Star range using Japanese Yamamura blade blanks and all Japanese parts to be partially finished in Taiwan. Buying in large quantities helps keep the price of the First Star range about half the retail price of some comparable quality totally Japanese made scissors. Australian   hairdressers now enjoy the fine quality of this range at reasonable prices. 

Construction:Two piece welded. Yamamura standard offset blanks made from Hitachi 440C. Computer controlled, vacuum furnace hardening with nitrogen   injection sub-zero slow recovery tempering (performed twice). This heat treatment is the best available and ensures our finished First Star scissors have a high corrosion resistance and a uniform hardness without being brittle. Rockwell hardness 58 to 59.  Corrosion resistant handles. Knob adjustment assembly. 

Design features:First Star are senior’s quality scissors although we have designed them to be durable and resistant to damage. An ideal choice for apprentices who require a real senior’s quality scissor to be able to learn all    hairdressing techniques well and pass assessments. The handle design is a basic and very popular type which can be used by any hairdresser with ease.  We have added swivel models suitable for hairdressers experiencing hand and wrist pain from repetitive strain. Note: to use a swivel scissor correctly means re-learning your cutting techniques where your focus is on keeping your wrist straight and not under tension.

Edge type:First Star scissors have a soft cutting feel. Precision and slide cutting performance is excellent. Sturdy blade profile and edge finishing. 

Warranty:Lifetime quality workmanship and materials guarantee. Lifetime free parts replacement. Designed to sharpen up to 15 times