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CYBORG Lefty 3.0 Custom Haircutting Scissor

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Product information MULTI SHEAR(tm) CYBORG Lefty 3.0 with MicroSlit™  

History: INTRODUCING CYBORG New to Sharpline, CYBORG is the new future of high quality hairdressing cutting tools. CYBORG is the first hairdressing scissor range designed to be custom fitted for the individual hairdresser, no more plastic sizing rings! You can choose from one of our special handle sizes or have a CYBORG made just for you. Precision made to last a lifetime, with spare blades available anytime. Designed by Sharpline and manufacturer in Seki City, Japan. Incorporating 4 international patents the unique designs are made to "join" with the hairdresser, making the tool an extension of your hand, "connected" and "following" your movements. Never drop your scissors again, the perfect fit. The CYBORG Lefty 3.0 is designed with the 3D spin thumb handle, contact us to measure your fingers for the perfect fit. Available with “patented worldwide” MicroSlit™ , and rear concave super slim blade is taking the hairdressing scissor to a new level of excellence. The concept is to provide interchangeable blades and handles that produce an enormous range and variety in a high quality scissor.  The MicroSlit™ innovation are laser cut microscopic slit blades that improved dramatically the scissors performance for all hairdressing techniques, especially precision. The concave rear blade cuts closer to the comb then any other scissor.

Construction:Two piece interchangeable handles and blades. Triple forged blades, sorry, we keep our alloys secret these days! Computer controlled, vacuum furnace hardening with nitrogen injection sub-zero slow recovery tempering (performed twice). This heat treatment is the best available and ensures our finished Multishear scissors have a high corrosion resistance and a uniform hardness without being brittle. Rockwell hardness 61 to 63. Corrosion resistant handles. Sharpline medallion type tension adjuster with sealed pin bearing.

Design features:  All Multishear™ scissors are designed to be versatile and perform all current hairdresser’s techniques very well. The flat and thin blade profile and fine finished MicroSlit™ edges are designed for the softest cutting feel, super accurate precision and a remarkable slide cut. The handle designs are classic, comfortable and are made for western hairdresser’s hands. Available in four blade lengths and three thinning scissor models.

Edge type: MicroSlit™ LASER SHARPENED scissors have a super soft cutting feel. Slide cutting is easy and effortless. Precision cutting and point cutting is superb. Suitable for up to 30% dry cutting. Standard convex edge available on special order.

Custom fitted orders:  When we receive your scissor order we will send to you via Express Post our easy to use sizing tool.  Please see the photo.

Warranty: 100% MADE IN Seki City, JAPAN and ISO certified. Lifetime quality workmanship and materials guarantee. Lifetime free parts replacement. Designed to sharpen up to 15 times. blade replacement and exchange service available. ISO-3166JP21 CERTIFIED 100% rating "Made in Japan"